The DriveSkills Story

Headquartered in San Diego, California, DriveSkills, LLC is a division of IMX–IDEAS. We are established as a diversified design, manufacturing and virtual simulation company applicable to both the professional and personal client.

Utilizing aerospace derived technology, our experienced engineers, designers, and professionals have collaborated with research scientists and industry experts over the last 10 years to develop what is considered amongst satisfied customers and users as the “bespoke builders” of high fidelity virtual simulators and products.

DriveSkills - The Leader in Custom Simulation Solutions

DriveSkills Quality and Manufacturing

Precision machined aluminum. Covered in leather or suede. Integrated with carbon fiber and electronics. DriveSkills attention to quality closes the gap between virtual simulation and on-track/over-the-road training. Developed in house and exclusive to all DriveSkills simulators, our steering system, motion controls, and associated parts feature high torque force-feedback and tactile resistance that are a cut above the rest. Additionally, we’ve integrated a variety of options to include digital displays, carbon fiber accents, and actual automotive components.

Assembled using only the highest quality components, all DriveSkills products are built applying a similar process as used by major motorsport teams and automotive manufacturers, integrated with great attention to detail, and tested to exceed the limits. Our in-house design, prototyping, and manufacturing separates us from other simulator builders allowing for true, high-quality custom simulation systems for cars, trucks, and motorsport vehicles.


The signature feature of each DriveSkills simulator is the high fidelity full-motion system at it’s core, Q-Motion. Of our own design, Q-Motion uses electro-mechanical actuation to induce a level of speed, realism, and road surface unlike any other simulator available. Using the same tactile sensations experienced by professional drivers, the DriveSkills experience is truly second-to-none, allowing the driver to experience every sensation from braking and shifting, to acceleration and lateral grip.

Unique to our systems, and coupled with the implementation of dynamically correct onset cues, force-feedback steering and harmonic transducers, DriveSkills simulators reproduce a realistic driving environment in single and multiple high definition visual arrays.

Various Platforms – One Provider

From Truck, Bus and Heavy Equipment Simulators to the most advanced Motorsport and Teen-Driving systems, DriveSkills is the leading force in simulation systems for Parents, Teams, and Enterprise owners.

Each DriveSkills simulator combines classroom simulation and behind-the-wheel instruction and training. Nowhere else will you find a minimal risk, safe and comfortable environment that enables drivers to experience every situation imaginable.Representing state-of-the-art proprietary simulation technology, DriveSkills simulators use advanced technology to prepare today’s drivers by emphasizing safe driving habits, proper automotive techniques, and decision making skills.