ATS TransMaster™ and TransMaster™Plus

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DriveSkills is proud to be a principal distributor of Advanced Simulation Technologies' (ATS) TransMaster™ simulator.

Developed in conjunction by ATS and IMX-Ideas, the Transmaster incorporates various aspects of any heavy truck model. Optioned to incorporate both passive and force-feedback steering and upgrade ready to a motion platform (see the TransMaster™-Plus), the TransMaster™ uses exclusive classroom based content to effectively and constantly train tomorrows CDL Drivers.

Technical, robust, and attractively priced, the TransMaster™ simulator is designed and manufactured in North America using actual heavy truck derived components; combining precision machined aluminum, composite materials, and exclusive training software to provide a simulator platform that focuses on student retention of shifting patterns, vehicle handling, and backing maneuvers.

Patented, Self-guided Training

The defining feature of the TransMaster™ simulator is the applied patented learning system. Unlike other simulator systems, TransMaster™ simulators provide self-paced, expert guided training, effectively allowing training institutions to focus on individual student and driver behaviors and correct, modify, and improves skills.

Additionally, TransMaster™ exceeds traditional simulator performance by incorporating self-guided, student-paced training included with the purchase of the simulator.

Often referred to as the ‘Digital Coach’, ATS patented self-paced approach is optimized for each individual user based on their behaviors and actions. By incorporating this patented training process the TransMaster™ simulator allows for the student to train more efficiently without the use of an instructor for remedial basic practice and shifting, ultimately resulting in a much more confident trainee and more efficient use of student-instructor time on-the-road.

Patented, Applied Equipment

Precision machined aluminum. Pneumatic brake and transmission controls. Military-grade electronics. All integral parts of the TransMaster™ simulator are manufactured to guarantee customer satisfaction and equipment longevity.

All ATS TransMaster™ driver interface systems and associated parts feature touch-screen displays, identical tactile feedback, and actual truck parts. Additionally, the TransMaster™ simulator is the only simulator featuring patented true-to-life transmission module.

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