DriveSkills and APEX Racing Form Strategic Partnership

San Diego, California – In respinse to the growing interest in Motorsports in North and Latin America, DriveSkills and APEX Racing Simulators of Mexico have formed a new strategic partnership to bring the virtual thrillsport of racing simulators to motorsports enthusiasts throughout the Americas.

Over the course of early April, the two organizations formed a strategic partnership aimed directly at motorsports and simulation training in North and South America. “We feel that, as a leader in both Motorsports simulation and Education Simulation Training, that we need to better align ourselves with simulation providers and those entities that are on the cutting edge of simulation…” said Enrique Mar, one of the Founders of the San Diego based simulation company.

Recognizing the APEX presence in Mexico and it’s potential throughout the Spanish speaking sector of North and South America, and looking back on the relationship now, it feels like it was always meant to be. We look forward to working with our new associates at APEX, and bringing about a Democratization of Motorsports entertainment and simulation training.”

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