DriveSkills Events Team

Virtual Thrillsport for hire

The Crowd Pleaser

Each DriveSkills simulator and Showcar is not only a fine work of motorsports art but also an incredible tool in the world of Branding, Promotions and Mobile Attractions.

Whether advertising your companies product or using DriveSkills in your newest branding campaign, The DriveSkills Events team and line of simulators are the go-to crowd pleaser for any event. Our clients have the ability to create a competitive and exciting atmosphere for race participants and partygoers or generate new leads in most any environment.

Custom Tailored Events

From simulator operators to marketing and promotional personnel, our experienced team is trained to make your DriveSkills event flawless, making sure each racer has the best and most exciting experience.

Hiring the DriveSkills Team or renting a DriveSkills simulator means more than just a motorsports experience. Each of our events is custom-tailored to suit the individual clients needs, from a creative and exciting branding approach to your next team-building excursion.

The Total Package

Fully customizable branding and imaging translates to a tailored, clean and exciting promotions and events package for your company or event. The DriveSkills Events team not only puts you and your racers in any car on any track in the world, but also gives you, the client, a new and exciting image.

Branded equipment and promotions. Marketing and promotions personnel. Social Media presence. Grid girls and a race ambiance. All these aspects and more are part of the DriveSkills Event Team. Contact us today for your next event or Marketing Campaign.

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