DriveSkills Race Centres

Bringing Virtual Thrillsport to your City

DriveSkills Race Center concept is designed to bring the excitement and virtual thrillsport to local communities across the country. DriveSkills Race Centers attract fans of all ages with our state-of-the-art professional Formula 1 and GT racing simulators. An exciting and new concept, DriveSkills Franchised Race Center allow you the flexibility and versatility to expand your business, reach more clients, and maintain the constant ambiance of excitement and speed that is motorsports racing.

DriveSkills. Franchised!

The DriveSkills Race Center represents an exceptional offering in an exciting, new and exponentially growing simulation field. For an initial financial commitment, selected Owner - Operators are granted the rights and equipment necessary to operate a franchised and supported entertainment centre.

The DriveSkills franchise opportunity requires that the individual operate the venture on a full-time, hands-on basis. DriveSkills Operators must successfully complete an extensive training program prior to commencing operation of a franchised Race Center. With additional development courses and franchise support available, Operators are equipped to reap the rewards of the motorsports simulation entertainment business.

Versatility is Key

Whether for the GT Die-hard, Endurance Racing Fanatic or the F1 Enthusiast, DriveSkills is the only simulator provider to design, produce, and manufacture multiple platforms.

Assembled using only the highest quality components and in a similar process to our professional training simulators, DriveSkills simulators are built applying a similar process as used by major motorsport teams and integrated with our unique proprietary motion platform. The implementation of dynamic motion, force-feedback steering and high definition visual arrays reproduce a realistic driving environment in any form of simulated motorsports.

Peace of Mind

DriveSkills simulator solutions, your locale, and the perfect entertainment center concept. DriveSkills turn-key solutions are the premier choice for Operators when it comes to Simulator and Race Center opportunities. From installation to day-to-day operations DriveSkills technical and customer care is unparalleled and completely supported, meaning so long as you are a part of the DriveSkills team your centers hardware and software are the marque leader against all competition.

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