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Flaunting a robust design that includes durable medals, realistic steering, a manual transmission shifting pattern, and a powder coat finish, DriveSkills supply of Bus and Truck simulators are second to none. Manufactured by IMX-Ideas, our Heavy Truck and Bus simulators are the prime option when it comes to driver and fleet training.

From a fully customizable dash, options relating to language training and our patent pending motion system each TRSIM is manufactured and assembled in the United States using only the best resources to ensure quality and years of training for our customers.

Completely adaptable to the customer’s needs, each simulator in our TRSIM inventory has the ability to fit most any requirement and ensure proper training and evaluation while still managing to keep costs economical. In addition, our simulated environments can also be tailored to suit specific requirements such as geo-specific/geo-typical locations as well as weather and traffic patterns.

Additionally, what makes the TRSIM line of simulators even more attractive as a training solution is the ability to customize each individual simulator. Versatility is the key word here, with each system custom tailored, designed, and built to our customers needs. Whether designed for classroom instruction and evaluation or mobile training facilites, the TRSIM line is the only simulator manufactured to exceed transportation industry standards and regulations, while still incorporating significant design elements such as fitting through a standard size door.

"Tailored training for your fleet, delivered to your door..."

A great training supplement to any fleet, our TRSIM simulation training platforms not only significantly prepares drivers and operators for critical situations and adverse conditions, but also reduces accident rates up to 44%. Whether it is to help improve safety conditions, evaluate existing operators, or help adapt new drivers, our TRSIM line of simulators is necessary addition to any fleet.

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Shown on this page TRSIM - 9000B (TOP) and TRSIM - 9000T (BOTTOM)

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