DriveSkills Showcars and Pitstop Challenge

DriveSkills is now proud to offer Showcar and custom display services.

A beneficial by-product of our Formula1 style simulators, DriveSkills Showcar services provide a unique and exciting addition to any corporate environment, gathering, or display showcase. Fully customizable, DriveSkills Showcars and Displays for-hire provide an excellent branding and marketing solution used for display, photo opportunities, or new product launches!

Life-size with custom painted livery, DriveSkills Showcars are the only such products manufactured in North America that are able incorporate actual components such as suspension, wheels, tires and aerodynamic pieces.

DriveSkills Pitstop Challenge

The Crowd Pleaser

Replicating every aspect of Championship winning cars, DriveSkills line of show and display cars show an attention detail that is unrivaled in any field.

Using era specific components and equipment, the DriveSkills team pride themselves in following the most precise recreation. From Steering wheel layouts to suspension setups, no area of the car is over-looked.

Basic Characteristics
Weight : 300 lbs

Overall length: 15.5 ft (Approx)
Overall Width: 6 ft (Approx)
Overall Height: 4 ft (Approx)
Note: Length/Width/Height are general approximations and vary depending on car, team, era, and application.