Training is, without doubt, one of the top priorities in the field of Construction and Heavy Equipment. From a preventive point of view student / team member training and education should be integral and directed not only to safety measures but to required level of aptitude to meet industry standards. The use of simulators in training is presented as an ever-increasing useful tool when acquiring proper workplace habits while operating various equipment platforms. Ultimately, courses provided via the use of simulated training provide a cost reduction in both training and evaluation to enable uniform practice by multiple operators in an efficient and safe environment.

Utilizing experience gained in the field of entertainment and transportation simulation DriveSkills, in cooperation with partners IMX-Ideas and e-Tech Simulation, have collaborated with research scientists, industry experts, and experience operators in the field over the last 3 years to develop a full line of Heavy Equipment, Shipping, and Construction systems.

Built, designed, and developed in house, DriveSkills Heavy Equipment simulators are integrated with great attention to detail, often using actual industry components. Additionally, unique to all DriveSkills offered systems, is the adaptability of our patent pending Q-Motion proprietary motion platform. The implementation of dynamically correct onset cues, force-feedback steering and harmonic transducers reproduce a realistic operating environment in a variety of display systems.

Furthermore, all DriveSkills simulators are compatible with an array of custom (platform specific) and commercially available software. In addition, DriveSkills also offers compatible extensive variety of simulator peripherals, ranging from adaptable multi-platform frames to vehicle specific add-ons.