DriveSkills for Teens

Peace of Mind for Parents

DriveSkills Teen Driver Program combines classroom simulation and behind the wheel instruction.  No-where else  will  you  find a no-risk, safe and comfortable environment that enables teen drivers to experience every situation imaginable.

Our Teen Driver Program prepares today’s young drivers by emphasizing safe-driving  habits and decision-making skills. Throughout the DriveSkills propgram, students will learn the rules of the road, basic driving fundamentals, and defensive driving skills through the use of state-of-the-art proprietary simulation technology that is also seen in our emergency response and motorsports simulators.

What sets DriveSkills simulators and course approach apart is not only the quality of the system and evaluation, but an emphasis true-to-life scenarios. Traffic participation, traffic rules, learning to recognize and handle traffic signs in realistic high-density traffic situations; all concepts are precisely the skills that require the maximum amount of time to learn during practice lessons on the road. DriveSkills simulators effectively acclimate the student in a much more efficient and effective process compared to traditional in-car training, allowing for a more ready student and driver.

Ultimately, in the United States, traffic accidents account for 44% of Teen deaths. Our integral training program can provide valuable practice and preparation keeping today's teens safe as well as prepared, as well as provide peace of mind for parents.


Teen Driver Training, the DriveSkills Way

State-of-the-Art Technology

DriveSkills Novice Simulator, EvSim combines classroom simulation and behind-the-wheel instruction. Nowhere else will you find a minimal risk, safe and comfortable environment that enables teen and novice drivers to experience every dangerious and defensive driving situation imaginable. The DriveSKills EvSim represents state-of-the-art proprietary simulation technology that is also seen in our emergency response and motorsports simulators. The EvSim simulator uses advanced technology to prepare today’s young drivers by emphasizing safe driving habits, proper automotive techniques, and decision making skills.

Quality Driver Interface

Precision machined aluminum. High-fidelity displays. Cutting edge electronics. All integral parts of the DriveSkills EvSim simulator are manufactured to guarantee customer satisfaction and equipment longevity.

A partial automotive cab from the make and model of the customers choice; with full interior, vehicle specific driver controls, and active instrumentation present students with immersive driving-purposes such as interactive traffic and road conditions, scripted and triggered events.

The EvSim Approach

Throughout the EvSim ciricula, students will learn the rules of the road, basic driving fundamentals, and the newest defensive driving skills; all of which provide valuable practice and preparation. For assessment and educational purposes, interactive traffic and road conditions are simulated using cutting edge vehicle dynamics and onset que technology, as well as scripted behavior models and triggered events. Nowhere else, can todays Teens acquire such valuable practice and training in a safe and controlled environment.

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